Why wouldn’t you hire a French professional genealogist to help you with your Family History?

Here are some fields a French genealogist can help you with.

Archival research

I can do research for you in French Archives. I can help you on very different subjects: genealogical researches (especially if you have a brick wall in France), military researches, law researches… I can do research from the 16th century till nowadays.

Paleography / Palaeography

If you have some difficulties deciphering or understanding French manuscripts, I can make a transcription of the text or/and a translation into English.

House history

If you are the owner of a house in France, I can trace the history of your house. When was it built ? When was it first mentioned in the archives ? Who were the landlords ? Who lived in your house ? I have already traced a house history from the beginning of the 16th century to today.


How does a French professional genealogist work?

Online resources

For the last past years, lots of records have been digitized and are now online. Therefore many informations can be found from home by genealogists.

Archive centres

Though many informations can be found online, soon or later it is necessary to go to the archive centres. But which centre ? There are many in France: the city archives, the”Archives départementales” (each département has one “archives départementales”, there are 101 départements…), the diocese archives, the French National Archives and many other centres… That is why if you are not trained, you might get lost !

Let’s talk about money !

Before starting any research, I draw up a quotation so that if you accept it, there is absolutely no surprise about the amount of money you will have to pay. To give you an idea, in October 2017, the hour rate is 32 euros and the day rate is 210 euros  (october 2017).  Contact me for further information.