About me

Jérôme Ladet

A Family History enthusiast…

Since I am a young boy, about 20 years now, I have always been fond of History. I studied Literature and History at the University of Chester (UK). I also started relating my family history. The researches I made fascinated me and this is how I became fond of genealogy. But after some time, just filling in a genealogical tree was not enough. I was wondering about my ancestors. What jobs did they do ? Where did they leave ? What did their home look like ? Who were their friends ? What were their social backgrounds ?… I wanted answers to these questions and by searching the French archives, I eventually made it. So I think I can call myself a « Family History enthusiast ».

… Who has become a professional genealogist…

I decided to become a professional genealogist. I first passed a diploma called « Genealogy and Family History » (University of Nîmes, top of the class). Then I got hired by a French genealogical office in order to find heirs of estates in abeyance and I finally decided to be a professional genealogist specialized in Family History.

… And an expert in French Archives.

All these years of research, as an amateur and as a professional genealogist as well, allow me today to be able to search many different kind of archives (from local to French National Archives, from civil status archives to justice archives…). I also acquired many qualities : a rigorous mind, well-organised, I can read old handwritings… So let me know if you need me to find your ancestors.