Who are we?

Etude Généalogique Ladet was founded in January 2018 by Mr Jérôme Ladet, fond of genealogy since childhood and who became a probate genealogist in one of the biggest French firm before creating this business.

Member ofAlliance Syndicale des Professionnels de la Généalogie (ASPG) and of theAssociation of Professional Genealogists, we work in all areas of France. Nevertheless, due to a better knowledge of local history and to the specifities of its archives (mainly before the French Revolution), wa are specialized in the research in the South East of France.

What can a professional genealogist do for you?

Our experience of the field, of the meanders of the archives, allows you to obtain results much more quickly than if you were alone in front of archives of which you do not know perfectly the functioning. Moreover, our experience with ancient writings allows us to go straight to the point. Finally, the professional genealogists have authorizations giving them a privileged access to the archives. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can define your needs together.