As a professional family genealogist, we can offer you different types of genealogical research: from a simple unblocking to your complete genealogy over several generations, your patronymic genealogy, the biography of a famous or unknown person, the writing of your family book or the printing of your family tree up to A0 format...

Your whole genealogical tree

If you want to know who your ancestors were without having to do any research, you can hire us. You must give us as much information as possible beforehand so that the research can start on the right basis. We will also see how many generations you wish to go back (count 7 or 8 generations to go back to the Revolution).

This service includes the research (obviously), a genealogical tree ready to print and a copy of all the documents.

Please contact us. for more details or information, we will send you a personalized quote.

Your family name

We also talk about an agnatic tree, which means that we only focus on the people who have passed on your surname. The number of ancestors searched is much less than for a complete genealogy because in all your ancestors, only one couple in each generation has passed on your surname.

Brick wall

You are a genealogist but you are blocked in your research for one reason or another (distance, lack of time, technical research that you do not master...), calling a professional genealogist can help you. Submit your problem to us and we will see together what are the possible solutions.