History of you house (or your barn or your castle or whatever buildind it is)

You wish to know the history of your house, its date of construction or its first mention in the archives, to know who lived there, what it looked like... Numerous documents exist that a family genealogist will be able to exploit: ancient and modern cadastres, tax archives, requests for building permits, censuses, notarial acts, mortgage archives...

Here is an example of a research on a house built during the 16th century (in French).

Your rights of way

Many rights are attached to buildings and lands. Sometimes it is necessary to go back to the origins of these rights in order to defend these rights but when these rights were created several centuries ago, only a specialist of the research in the archives is able to go to bottom of the problem.

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Rights of water

French mills may have rights of water but in order to prove so, you must prove your mill existed before 1789 and sometimes, you even have to prove its existence before 1566.

On the other hand, if your mill is located on a state-owned river, it is not necessary to prove its existence before 1789 but its existence before the Edict of Moulins of 1566.

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