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Making a family tree of a person born less than 100 years ago in metropolitan France (de cujus). The first generation is represented by the de cujusthe second by his parents, etc.

You will receive electronically :

  • a ready-to-print family tree
  • a report containing all the information found
  • a copy of all documents found

This research will focus mainly on civil registers since the Revolution and parish registers under the Ancien Régime. The vast majority of these registers have been digitized from their origins until the beginning of the 20th century, which means that the research is generally done online. Nevertheless, in the event that travel is necessary (non-digitized registers, gaps, etc.), the following fees will be added:

  • night: 100€/night (VAT not applicable art 293 b of the CGI)
  • mileage: 0,25€/km (VAT not applicable art 293 b of the CGI). The mileage is calculated on the Mappy site, for a round trip from the head office of the Etude Généalogique Ladet to the place of research. No travel expenses to the departmental archives of the following departments: Ardèche, Bouches-du-Rhône, Drôme, Gard and Vaucluse.


In the event that ancestors are not found for one reason or another (gaps, unknown relatives, research abroad, etc.), a refund will be made in proportion to the number of missing ancestors.

After your purchase, we will come back to you to get additional information needed for the research.

Payment in several times possible, contact us beforehand.

ATTENTION: The date and place of birth of the person whose tree you want are MANDATORY to start the search.

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Number of generations

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